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Dec 2, 2009

A Mumbai Christmas Story.

They set up the crib. In the living room cum bedroom cum dining room cum study that formed one of the two rooms they called home. The neighbours all came to see it. Every evening they’d gather around the crib for the rosary.
"Why is Jesus crying ?" asked the littlest .
"See he has a tear drop ."
They wiped it away from the little statue in the crib and it was gone. But it was back again the next day. And the next.
Soon a frenzy. Even the Parish priest coming in to see for himself the miracle of the weeping baby Jesus. A line in the passage outside. It was playing hell with their daily schedule.
Sodom and Gommorah . That’s why he was crying. For the sins of the world. For the waywardness of the world. For the acts of war and genocide. For the starving millions in Africa. For the lack of vocations to the seminary. For the blatantness of the page 3 pin up. For the way the terrosists attacked the city.
Soon the tears were a flood.
Damn! The bathroom on the floor above was leaking.


anna maria said...

stupiid plumber from pali..dats why its spoilt again... :-)

The Cloudcutter said...

Blasphemous! For your penance either say 10 rosaries OR make sure you put up a post every single day this month.

Anonymous said...

Myes bad!
But a new post after AGES!!

Banno said...


agent green glass said...

and why is your page taking me straight to some "make friendship with strangers" site?
ummm...no thank you.

clemde@gmail.com said...

AGG why dont u want to make friends with strangers ? not just friends but friendship.
but thx for telling me that was happening to u 2. thought it was a bug on my machine. found a help topic on the bloggers forum apparently the users online widget was what was causing it. So have removed that. Seems to have worked at my end. If anyone has the same problem of a site call imeetzu.com popping up. please let me know. thx BB

Pooja said...

Nice! :)