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Dec 5, 2009

Frunky Snow

by Mahia [10 yrs ] who has her own blog called frunkydays.blogspot.com

Christmas is always happy. Buying gifts. Making sweets. Writing letters to Santa. Santa and Rudolph are always very busy at this time of the year. Mrs. Claus making sweets too. Santa must be taking lots of time to make the toys. He must be giving last years asked gifts this year. That is why you don’t get the things you ask for. There’s only one thing that’s missing in Christmas in Bandra. That’s Snow. But what if…….The curl on the waves on band stand will be snow. Damians will have real snow instead of fake snow(and our Christmas trees too). Fake fire places will have to be made real.The stores will run out of hot chocolate (they hardly had any anyways). The best part- no school for how much ever time the snow remains(snow please remain long). The trees will be forced cone shape(imagine having a coconut tree cone shaped). Driving would be smooth because the snow would fill up all the potholes in the road. Pollution would be replaced by frost(its so cool the cars engine gives out frost).
But we hope………and we have to hope too long.

pl write to Mahia at choclitina@gmail.com and let her know what you think of her piece.


The Cloudcutter said...

"That's why you don't always get the things you ask for."

Wise words if I ever read any.

Are your feet 10 inches above the ground now? They should be!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

I loved this post and went to her blog - and so enjoyed reading about the Frunky Spider and King 'Herald'!! Now that girl sure is blessed with a vivid imagination and great expression which I'm sure you'll claim as your 'inheritance' to her. My only crib is that she, like her Dad, doesn't write enough.....thankfully the Christmas season acts as a catalyst (Nag, nag, nag.....)
Thanks for sharing, Clement and looking forward to more Frunky Days - Mahia has a new follower!

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