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Dec 9, 2009

B & W

On a Tue evening the time for the family rosary was preponed. From 7.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. That meant a half hour less of play time. But did we mind ? We’d asked for it. Because at 7,00 Sports Round Up was on. The one of two TV programs that we watched. With rabbit ear antennae. Sports round up was one. The other was a moving target. Here’s Lucy. Where the red haired Lucille Ball was red haired only in the magazines because on Doordarshans black and white broadcast her hair was grey. The Count of Monte Cristo. Escaping from his island jail and going forth into the world. The Invisible Man with his bandaged head and RayBans. And fedora. That when it came off the bad guys were in trouble. Guns taken from said Bad guys hands and turned around to thump same bad guy or guys upon head. It’s all done with wires. The local SFX experts proclaimed.
Fireball XL5. I’d love to be spaaaaaceman in fireball xl5. Tell me you don’t remember the tune.
I’d fly across the world with……Zoonie. Oh Zoonie where are you now with your seductive metallic voice and dumb blonde attitude . Charlie Chaplin with his oversize shoes and large bearded Rasputin like adversaries.
Sometimes we’d see german viilagers. Matching each other in inane challenges. Glorified lemon and spoon races. Over under and into water hazards.In TeleMatch. While we cheered from a few thousand miles and a couple of years away. Wondering when they would use their joker. And taking sides against Unterflaggenspiel with Bittersiehamburgestadt. Depending on which tem had the prettier Frauleins.
This was the regular fare. Which would be spiced up with other truly rivettting, heart stopping, edge of the seat, nail biting programming. Like the Republic day Parade. Or science report. After a point in time they were indistinguishable from each other. Competing for honors with the recital of the rosary in putting us to sleep .


Bottle Masala said...

Sunday morning`s fare was Magic Lamp with Aloo & Phuloo... gave the Muppet Show a run for their money i`m sure (altho we were unaware of the existance of the Muppet Show back then)!

Anonymous said...

Also remember the panna club at 9.00 am Sunday morning and who were the team captains of the club.Hmmmmmmmm...

cynny said...

Add to the list He man, spider man, Star trek and of course Diddys(did I spell it right)

Anonymous said...

He Man, Spiderman, Fairytale Theatre, Odd Couple, Old Fox.... ah! Even the ads were better back then :)

The Cloudcutter said...

Is it weird that I don't remember most of the shows you've mentioned!
Like Anon no. 2 up there (u have a lot of anon commenters btw) I remember Spiderman, Old Fox (my favourite!), He Man, Fairy Tale Theatre... The ads were nice too. I remember Spidey used to be sponsored by Gold Spot. I would be out playing with my friends, and the minute we heard "Gold Spot, the zing thing!" we'd all disperse cos then we knew it was time for the show to begin.

Dean said...

Hitchcock! Goood Evvveeeeening, the Sunday hindi movie, where the entire village winds up in your house. And the ever so hot Runa Laila and dum-a-dum.

what about sharon prabhakar's lakme ad? playing a guitar with those ever so long nails?

William Tell and Robin Hood, and some crazy dark french film called Baxter.

Hoo boy, I used to love tv in those days, specially when we had to climb up to the terrace and turn the antenna around to point it at the TV tower.

cemetry road

Dean said...

You need to be ooooolllldddd cloud cutter, old enouch to remember having a tv before there were tv broadcasts, and wondering if the 45 record player would show you the beatles if you hooked it up.

and if you're older still? then you would remember radio and the magic eye. and cricket with Vijay Merchant, and Faster Feenay, and wednesday dates and saturday dates, and cliff richard singing congratulations because Mervyn from Matharpakady wanted to wish Veronica from Virendra Colony, happy birthday!


Bottle Masala said...

Dean, lets not forget The Bournvita Quiz contest with Hamid Sayani and Saturday date with Mr. Posveti as the host.
Now back to TV land.... We had posh neibhours... They had "Coloured TV" way back in the 70s while DD broadcast in B&W. Closer inspection revealed that there was a blue filter across the upper part of the screen, green filter striped across the middle and a brown filter made up the bottom section. Peeping into their hall from our terrace sure made that TV look COLOURed!

clemde@gmail.com said...

Bottle Masala : I'd forgotten abt the color TV. LIke hand painted color photos at the bandra fair.
Cynny by the time star trek came on i think they had put colored cellophane on the TV tower at worli and we were all getting color. Or am I mixing it up with Star trek the movie. At this ripe old age of 85 which CC is long way from I tend to mix things up. And Anon yes I do remeber who the Panna club captain was, I was only vice capt.Still remeber making the flag out of an old pair of pants for their marchpast. Dean BTW i still have aworking magic eye radio. Still fun to listen to it even though theres sat radio and internet radio etc. etc. etc.

anna maria said...

quiz time by quiz master siddharth basu who is now a crorepati...barbapapa cartoon :-) not many remember this...whats the good word by sabira merchant..late night english movies forbidden for those still wet behind the ears!!

The Cloudcutter said...

People, I am old!!! At least, that's what the scary face in the bathroom mirror tells me every morning.
Hmmm... I think being packed off to boarding school at the age of 9 explains it. Where there was no TV. Only study hour after supper every night, which was spent in passing notes when the nuns weren't looking and dozing off. You think they'd let us go to bed after that, wouldn't you? But then there was rosary, which was spent doing the same things we did during study hour!
Oh you lucky people who lived at home with your TVs!

www.gennexbiztech.com said...


The 'Fireball XL5 Theme' is my mobile phone's ring tone. Lemme know if someone wants it, will load it onto megashare and paste the link here :o)

Clement you rock!
- -
Rajiv Ahuja

Floyd said...

And I was on the first ever broadcast for Bombay, with the St Andrews High School choir singing 'Azzadi Muft me nahin' in all our glory in Kurtas. Good Catlick boys in Kurtas, hardly ever seen at that time.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Doordarshan newcasters.

There was one lady who would show a teensy weensy bit of cleavage. Teenage years in Bandra.