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Jul 17, 2008

Bandra Talks !

Please write in with your phrases. mail me at clemde@gmail.com
will add to the list to compile the definitve list of Bandraspeak.

I'm not friendly to Savio ! Aber

Godlonose Or should it be Godlonknows? Scribbler

sweetheart give a bloddy kiss man Gavin Dsouza

mudder faader gone to dadder men
i am goin to potoogeese church
coming wot?
vaan i'll give u na you'll know
got a buck wot?
lets go to september garden men
our f@#$%r tony is playing men MagicEye

see that babe passing men! What a fatac !!
That zunt was tring to patao my sass.

I'll take him left and right. Anonymous

Cun cun men, lets go
Seven days became since she died
what you're saying
On the fan/ Off the light....
Vijay and Meera Dsouza

Your grandmudder’s aulas
One caanpat you’ll get...
I’ll call Anton / Bandy (RIP) / Tarzan(and such like) and he’ll take out full kunhaas....he’s a kadu f$%£er
Don’t try and teach your faadur (father) to f$%*
The Jolly Rodger.

1. What goes of yours men?
2. Your name is written on it or what?
3. It be's like that only.
4. Donkey-Monkey Wedding (Drizzle and sunshine together)
5. He thinks his s---t doesn't stink.
6. Come on, hurry up, wear your bushcoat.
7. The buddaman's coming...(when frightening kids)
8. I'll give you one jaap.
9. Good pasting.
10 Don't fadkao, ok?
11. Come outside and I'll show you
12. Good boy, sunna boy
13. I gave him good
14. ...and what all they said
15.Housie: All by itself...
Grandma's Age...
2 and 0...Blind 20
Rochelle Almeida 1-20 .

granny's boras
i'm going to 'maim' (for Mahim) for der novena!
[ Patrice ]

I'll tell my breader (Brother) men, he give you good Cutoos.
[Edward Murray]

Cousins, cousins, make dozens.
Small tree big fruit.
Whose father what goes !
Ball talks .

Wafers ! [ Pray for us ]
Alan [ Sam ] DeMenezes.

Two tight slaps.
Legs eleven !
Two fat ladies !
Sweet sixteen.
Lucky for some.
Top of the house . [ NO not Garavati ]
Baba ! why you're saying like that ?


Anonymous said...

Bleddy Bugger! Wot men, making fun of us Catlicks.

patrice said...

i'm going to 'maim' (for Mahim) for der novena!

Anonymous said...

granny's boras

Joshua said...

Heard this in Somnath lane....excuse the french...

Boy 1 to Boy 2: Your fathers ball men...

Boy 2 replies....in your mothers mouth

The Esteves said...

Bandra Talks!!!

Where you went?
To Goma's House..laat only (to Godmother's house-like that only)

First dash the potatoes then lagao bottle masala... bagaar with curry patta

Your father what goes (what business is it of yours?)

What;s wrong to you?

Every puppy has it's tail (instead of EVERY DOG HAS IT'S DAY)



The lst three are Malla/Rajan/Sherly specials.



Anonymous said...

You know you're a Bombay Catholic when...
1. You and your girlfriend are 'friendly'.
2. You've never had a grandmother, you've always had a Nana.
3. The same goes for Dada.
4. You jive to hip-hop.
5. Bastard is baashturd.
6. And baashturd is always preceeded by bleddie.
7. And if the DJ doesn't play the 'masala' he's a bleddie baashturd and you feel like jhaaping or clipping him.
8. The first thing you ask another catholic is 'which parish?'
9. Mazgaon is mazgon, Mahim is mayhim, borivali is brivli, bandra is banruh.
10. And you are a Mayhim boy or a Banruh girl.
11. Every sentence you say ends with 'men'.
12. And most sentences you say begin with 'cheh men'
13. Women are 'chicks' and men are 'buggers'.
14. It's okay if you skipped your best friend's birthday, but Sunday 9 o'clock mass, have to go men, to meet da chicks and da buggers.
15. You utter 9 F's per 3 words.
16. You know at l east one person in Vasai, Borivali I.C. colony and
Orlem, each.
17. The old people in the family call you 'puta'.
18. Portugal is your favourite European country.
19. You know 13 Savio's and 7 Seans. (shawns).
20. You've been living in Bombay all your life, but you're actually from Goa or Mangalore.
21. You never say Mumbai.
22. You'll skip the world cup final but not the Christmas dance.
23. You love going to the local 'fete' to watch the parish king and queen contest.
24. Irritating person = swine.
25. When you disagree you say 'balls'.
26. You can't play cricket to save your life, but you rock at football.
27. You don't like Remo too much, but if a non-catholic doesn't like him, you'll kick his arse for it.
28. Your Hindi is a little better than Michael Jackson's.
29. You claim you can't speak Konkani, but in reality, you can use it to win the Nobel Prize for literature.
30. Christmas is not happy, it's merry.
31. Suits are black, dark blue and grey. Only.
32. On a Saturday night, you want to go out for a 'cupple-a-beers' men.
33. Sunday is chicken curry day.
34. Your freezer is filled with last years Sorpotel, which if u heat and eat with pao no, its damn tashty men.
35. You prefer chicken patties to chicken lollypops.
36. When you order pav bhaji, you eat more pav than bhaji.
37. If you're goan you hate mangies and vice-versa.
38. Both goans and mangies hate east-indians a little.
39. East indians are people who've always been living in west India , and have nothing to do with the west indies. Not from the east, not terribly Indian either.
40. Your bar has an okay amount of booze. 365 days of the year.
41. And you 'have some wine also men' for the women who don't drink.
42. You didn't watch Sholay but you've seen 'The Passion of the Christ'. In a theatre. And you think Mel Gibson is such a nice man.

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention the that the no. 30 (tiirti) is the best give away...

Anu said...

Hahaha, luvd your post. I have a friend from Khar. She is a Goan and her inlaws are East Indian, also in Khar,. I've almost heard each and every phrase you mentioned from people in her family, mostly the aunties ( my fried's mom and mom-in-law).

Anonymous said...

I'll take him left and right.

Anonymous said...

That zunt was tring to patao my sass.

Anonymous said...

see that babe passing men! What a fatac !!

magiceye said...

LOL! That was absolutely hilarious!

mudder faader gone to dadder men
i am goin to potoogeese church
coming wot?
vaan i'll give u na you'll know
got a buck wot?
lets go to september garden men
our f@#$%r tony is playing men.

Scribbler said...

Godlonose Or should it be Godlonknows?

bablu said...

Housie is so much fun -

a) 3 and 3 - Titri titri

b) Half way to the house- 4 and 5- 45

The prizes given out in olden times were so unique -
1. A big fat Hen for full house.
2. Beer bottle for Jaldi five.
3. Rum bottle for lines.

Anonymous said...

ooo taut u dat?? your cheacher taut you ??

Raffael said...

Q: What to do?

A: Catch one shake two

Raffael said...

While playing shuttle cock (badminton) : Aye gidda cock men aye!

While playing football : Savio put trooooo men ya fuckerr, bhendi can't see im standing der wot?