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Jul 16, 2008

Equinoxes and Solstices.

A day dawns in mid March. It’s the day of the equinox. When the day and night are both equal. If you’re Hindu it comes around Holi. If you’re Catholic it comes around Good Friday. For every day after that the days keep getting longer and the nights keep getting shorter.
While the sun spins above dictating the length of day and night, ten year old Jo-Boy heads to church. For his Saturday pretending to be Sunday mass. He’s with the building boys. They don’t sit too far in front. The aisle seat commands a premium because of the view it affords of the communion line. In front of them Aunty Mary settles herself. Her husband passed away suddenly. On the ship. Slipped and fell into the hold. DOA. So her flavour of the month is black. Black skirt. Black blouse. Black bag. She settles herself with her veil over her head. Yes black veil too. Standing up when the priest enters. Sitting down for the readings. Standing up for the gospel. Sitting for the sermon. Up for the I believe. Kneeling for the consecration. Standing for the Our father. A stray giggle from Jo Boys pew. And another. Until Mary is forced to turn around and glare at them.
Which stifles them for a few minutes. While the communion lines form she shouts at them in a whisper. “ What so funny ? ”
Nothing Aunty . Nothing. Because they can’t tell her that her clothes are following the sun and making her Sunday longer than her Monday.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha sunday longer than monday! Haven't heard that in ages, I guess no one wears slips anymore!!!

patrice said...

you are so irreverent! but enjoyed the tale!

Neil said...

LOL! Sure been ages since I heard that!!!!!!! So sweet, so prudish! hahahaha

Nic said...

Loved it! Does anyone wear slips anymore!????

Al_is_on said...

Oh, for the days of petticoats and pious prayers... Great post - brought back so many memories - THANKS!! You should write a book about all your blog characters. You REALLY should.
I wish Bandra could have stayed the way you describe it - not looking fwd to the malls & mayhem when I visit this X'mas! Sigh!!

SM said...

I can hear my mom admonishing "Sunday is longer than Monday". I love your blog. I laugh over it. I cry nostalgically over it. Thanks. Please keep writing.