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Nov 13, 2007

Let there be light...

Prince Charles is never going to experience what every Catholic family in Bandra has. Enthronement day. The day the picture of the sacred heart of Jesus is enshrined in your house and forever more. So there you have this long haired blond Jesus ,dressed in his blue and red robes following your every move.
And right below him is the altar shelf . On which a candle was lit on every important occasion. When school examinations were on. When those labour pains began. Then came a job with the Bombay Presidency. And the light could be kept burning continuously. A light that burnt in a glass oil lamp. With a ruby red glow to it. Glass that was imported all the way from Belgium to give you that perfectly clear light. In a ruby red glow.And the oil would be topped up every morning and the wick trimmed. And once a week the soot that had Jesus drifting from Italy towards Africa would be wiped off the glass that imprisoned him.Then came electricity. With a small red bulb replacing the oil lamp. No more cleaning, filling, trimming, wiping. A flick of a switch and homage was paid. The Japanese of course having lost the war, were now turning their hand to everything. Including altar lights. And for their invention of the flickering light they deserve the Nobel. [ All of us in Bandra think so anyways ] . We soon had tubelight starters connected to a bulb to give us the same flicker. From just a flickering light that could be used for the altar and also for the star in the Christmas crib it was a short jump to a light in the shape of a cross that flickered. And when you came home late and darkness was all around, there fickered the little red light. And when exams come around the light stays on, but the candles come out once more. Otherwise how’s Jesus going to know that this is one of those times that need his personal attention ?


Anonymous said...

My cousin (confidently) visited me from Canada and he informed me of your Blog. He also sent me some of them from Oct and Nov 2007. Your blog is really good man and bring back good ole memories of the good time we had in Bandra. Thanks and keep up the good work. I plan to save this on my favorites and view them whenever I think of my Mumbai. Please keep up the good work. Mally.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of candles - i remember Mount Mary's and the candles in assorted body part shapes, probably for visual reinforcement of the verbal prayers, in case Mother Mary fixed the wrong problem.
Enjoy the blog. Seems that cousins introduce more people to your blog than any other relative. I was, by a LF cousin.