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Nov 17, 2007

Bandra Fair !

Coming soon to New Talkies
A walk back the the days when New Talkies was new, before Globus consigned it to the wrecking ball.
Bandra Fair
A feature film in English that pays tribute to Bandra and its residents, wherever in Toronto they may be.
Written by Judith M Varma (also born and bread in Bandra) and to be directed by her as well.
The project has already got a few stalwarts interested in it – Faroukh Shaikh, ace cinematographer AK Bir, Surekha Sikri and Naseeruddin Shah.
Now all that's needed is a producer.
Know anyone who may be interested? Get in touch.
Or we'll all have to up to the Mount and offer wax producer to Mother Mary.


Dhiraj Athanasius D'Souza said...

So nice to see my cuz get a mention on your esteemed blog!!! May 'Bandra Fair' come to fruition soon enough.

Bhavik said...

How much money do they need? Maybe we can use the blog to create a fund and produce the movie...
Imagine the opening credits:

Sounds corny? What to do, men? We are like dat only....corny like the bhutta on Bandstand on a rainy day..now there's another idea for u...


Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

If you're reading this Judy - I can act.

I once acted as St John the Baptist in 'The Witness' (because you - Clement - couldn't make it that day) and Joe Cordo had Uncle Rock the makeup artist (bless his soul) stick hair onto my chest.

Anonymous said...

Can we have one on New Talkies where brother fought brother for his place in the line (for the cheap seats) and the line used to be on the road along the gutter