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Oct 25, 2010

Should I ?

He wanted to ask her to the Christmas dance But first he’d have to make sure he got the tickets. If he got the tickets and she said no? Would he use the tickets anyways ? Tickets worth their weight in gold frankincense and myrrh, without her ? Would her father allow her to go ? Would he have enough money for the cab ride from her place to the gym and back ? Money for the favours ? Without which they didn’t allow you onto the dance floor for the special dance.
How much did he have to budget for dinner ? And bar coupons and glass deposits ? Would JoBoy and Cousin Clara be there ? Would they tell his folks if he bought himself a beer ? Pint. Only a pint. Should he go with the rest of the gang or just the two of them ? Would the suit fit or would it be short at the ankles ? Would Bob tailors be able to lengthen the trousers in a matching material if it was short. Was she a member at the Gym or did he have to budget a guest fee in ? He hoped he wouldn’t step on her toes. And that he would’nt cut himself shaving on Christmas day. Would his Dad let him use some of his Old Spice ?
Would she slow dance with him ?
God it’s still only October.


Rahul Vidwans said...


Travelling Pixy said...

I lived in Bandra for 20 years and then visited over 2 Christmas seasons and never once did I end up at the all famous Bandra Gym Christmas Dance.
I did however cause a bit of a stir when my friends asked if I wanted to go to the dance and I said yes. But I couldn't be bothered to find myself a "date" as I figured that we were all going in a group anyway. Turns out, that NOT how things are done at a Christmas dance! :)

Bottle Masala said...

I remember getting up early in the morning to go and stand in line by 6:00 am for the Gym's Christmas dance tickets. Then too we would be 3rd or 4th in line. Worst part of it all was that the gym's committee members had first shot at the all important "tables by the dance floor". Going early helped to secure a couple of the remaining "important" tables. And it was necessary to be seated near the dance floor or else you missed 2 - 3 song by the time you reached the dance floor!

Floyd said...

I remember going to Bob Tailors, wondering if he will be sober and remember your "pant or suit piece", or if he cut it when he was not so sober, or when you got it, it would be tight at the ass or crotch, or the bell bottoms were not so bell, or it wasn’t even your material. Any way you had to wear it as it was the only new clothes you had, and mummy had told you not to go to Bobs in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to experiencing the dance this year especially since I am returning to India after nearly 10 years - would also love to get my hands on your book.. will pick it up from Happy Book stall - thank you bugger