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Oct 2, 2010

BandraBuggers.........the book

The book is out. A selection from the blog. Available at Happy book Stall on Hill Road, Cafe Goa , Soul Fry . Serpis Cold Storage ( opp. St.Andrew's Church and at the newspaper vendor opposite The Lemon Grass Cafe ( old Pot Pourri ). Rs. 100/-. So don't endanger your laptop when you're on [the] pot and Aunty Mildred is still computer phobic anyways.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw your little black book at the newspaper guy coupla days back... no I didn't buy it.
Only because the guy had only one copy and I thought someone who hasn't read your stuff should get a chance to buy it.

Ok I didn't have 100 bucks ;p

Shrinivas Krishnamurthy said...

quit being lazy and put up the book cover pic...Congratulations on getting published!

Commercial said...

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wag said...

Hi Clemmie - way to go!! Do remember aunts who do not have access to the online version and that Christmas is coming (or do you need a broader hint?!!!)

Travelling Pixy said...

*giggle* The book is available at the cold storge place? That's certainly an interesting distribution policy!
Congratulations on being published!