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Jul 1, 2009

Sonia , Sonia, You are my Sonia....

Yesterday the face of our city changed. The Bandra Worli sea link opened. This now links the original seven islands of Mumbai in more ways than one for the first time ever. { Discounting the helipad at the racecourse. Because you and me baby are never going to use that }.Its actually been ready for a while. But Soniaji was’nt.
So why did they wait. Because Sonias parents wanted her to go abroad for a higher education? So did mine. Sonia thinks Indira Gandhi was one of the best leaders we ever had. So do I. Sonia has two children. So do I. Sonia’s catholic. So am I. Sonia likes pizza. Me too. Sonia speaks bad Hindi. So do I. Sonia loves having a billion people looking up to her. I would too.
So where’s the difference. I could have cut the ribbon and we’d all have been using the Bandra Worli sea link from a month ago.
Jai Hind.


Vidya Sury said...

soul to soul! sigh!

Anonymous said...

You and Sonia re same-same men! ;)
Sea Link looks awesome... have been following its progress from the fort. Can't wait to go across.

Joshua said...

If u married Prianka Gandhi instead of Aber.... we'd all be driving on that a month earlier!!

Ashley said...

here is me looking up to you now, bro - who needs a billion when you got all of bandra?

Neil said...

Hey Clem! Looks like you missed cutting that ribbon by just a hair`s breadth! What can i say... Sonia and yet so far!