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Jul 16, 2009

Down on your knees!

Head down to St. Peters church. [ Bandra not Rome]. Whether you’re catholic or not. Or Non. At 10.00 am on a Sunday morning. Hang at the back half of the church. The usual stuff. Prayers for the faithful. Petitions, thanks givings, sermon, offertory etc. etc.
Communion. Now sit down. Close your eyes. And let the music of the choir come to you. Till the saxophone steps in. It lifts you up. Think of all the superlatives you know. Then double them and it might begin to say what you feel. In fact I may even be dead and in heaven. Unlikely. Dead? No. The ending up in heaven bit.
Cat Stevens ‘Morning has broken”. An inspired song. An inspired rendition. While the lines shuffle on. While the dog that wants to get out of the muck tries to find a dry spot beneath a pew. While prayers are finished and positions change from kneeling to sitting.
And as the last notes draw out, you change from sitting to kneeling once more. To give thanks and give praise. Praise for the music,…[ Thank you Cat Stevens and thank you Rhys ].
And the reason you hang at he back of the church is that the acoustics are better there.

Rhys:- On Saxaphone
Merlyn:- On organ and keyboards
And if Fr. Jerry preaches the sermon that’s an added bonus.


agent green glass said...

ooh. i shall be there this weekend. and btw i voted for you guys. anyone who observes stuff so keenly, shoul be out there!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

So very true, Clement. Funny, I was going to mail you to ask you how to contact that 'boy' -turns out his name is Rhys - he is so gifted (as is his mother). I want to write about him on my blog and would like to contact him for his 'story'. And sadly, we hardly see Fr Gerry these days.

PS: Fr Ribes' sermons are very good too, just that you have to listen harder - but the content is wonderful!