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Mar 15, 2012

The road to hell is paved...

You say airport and the cab driver thinks it's his lucky day.
Double charge Saab. Long line at the airport . Extra charge for baggage sir.
What baggage? My daughters school bag is bigger than this.
But Kingfishers cancelled their flight and the website says the counter closes 45 minutes before tAke off. So you say Ok Ok and get in.
The joggers are out already. Dodging Aunty Mazie who wants to be in time for the novena before the mass.
From Monday. You promise yourself. From Monday I'll be up early and jogging. And i'm not going to get sidetracked by the Mumbai mirror and dr.watsa. I,m not going not start checking my email. Maybe not Monday ...tue. Because Monday evening I'll get a new pair of track shoes. the old ones were given away to the watchman because they weren't being used. And no going to A1 for patties on the way home from the jog. Because that's like walking out of an AA meeting into Raja Bar. Maybe a new route altogether so that the aroma of the freshly baked bread doesn't make you stray into that palace of indulgence pretending to be a bakery. No stopping to chat with with fellow joggers about stock market tips, cricket scores or Sunny Leone.
Saab up or down ?
Jet ya Indian airlines.
Down. Jetlite. Budget doesn't run to full service tickets.
Saab two hundred.
Two hundred!
Meter plus airport charge plus baggage charge.
Mr. Sobhraj aap kya samajta hai Mai Poland ka Sardarji ho , mai Moira se aya kya ?


augusto pinto said...

Hmm, so you know that Moira exists do you? Well I live there. How did I arrive at your blog? I googled for Bandra Buggers the book, which doesn't seem to be available anywhere in Goa, although two people including George Menezes recommended it on goabookclub https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/goa-book-club/afTnn-ioRIw/MLB5Fer1v_oJ
So where does one find it? Augusto Pinto pintogoa@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I miss Raja Bar! Miss walking past it to tuitions, didn't know what the hell went on in there at that time, but gawd the smell of fried fish was awesome.

I know I went to nursery or kindergarten somewhere right there, but all I can remember is a wooden house with a wooden staircase and the nursery on the upper floor.