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Jun 20, 2009

Yvonne falls the third time.

She ran. Chasing butterflies. The fall did’nt really hurt. The surprise to find herself a tangle of arms and legs was what made her cry. The scrapes on her knees were kissed over and she was up and running again. Chasing butterflies and wind up toys that moved further and faster than they were supposed to go.
He asked her to join him for an evening walk. Yes. The world was full of color. The love songs suddenly sounded like they’d been written for them. He thought so too.
Fifty years. He’d been gone for ten. The children many years before that. The love songs still made sense. The children called once a week. From parts of the world where they were raising their own. Morning mass, breakfast alone, lunch alone, tea alone, dinner alone. She kept the TV volume high. So that as she went from hall to kitchen or bedroom she didn’t loose the story. It was the swine flu that got her. The story had been in the news for the last week. Mexico, the United States, Canada. The TV breaking the news that the first case had hit India. She was on her way to the bathroom . The curiosoity to see where and when and how had made her turn and slip and fall. She tried getting up. Too far from the sofa to get a grip on the handle to help herself up. The TV had moved on to the weather. She was still stuck on the floor. One of the longest nights of her life. She must have fallen asleep for some time. The maid let herself in with the key from the neighbour. Helped her stand up and to the bed. Washed her up. [ She had been on her way to the bathroom ] Embarassed. The neighbours called the children to tell them what had happened. No, no bones were broken.
She moves more slowly now. The walking stick with her all the time. Sometimes, she sees the butterflies outside her window.


Anonymous said...

You have a lovely style of writing... really enjoy your blog. Hope your cold is better although we're enjoying the additional time you get to post new stuff here!!

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Lovely, Clement. And so so real. We're hearing of situations like this more often these days :(
TAke care.

patrice fernandes said...

that was so beautiful!

Warren Noronha said...

I am so tempted to make a short film on this!!! It is brilliant....so real, quite dark, tangible setting as well. Well done buddy!!!

The Cloudcutter said...

I don't think I've ever been addicted to a blog before. Your archives have some real gems. Thank you, thank you, thank you for finally giving me something to look forward to!

sriku said...

Painfully close to my heart, this post. Brought a tear to my eye. You, my friend have a gift, and are a jewel in the Blogosphere.

DS said...

Just browsing your blog thro a recco of a friend. This is beautiful. I schooled at St Joseph's and am reliving Bandra here!

Harveer said...

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