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Dec 9, 2008

Eid Mubarak !

“Abraham!” God called.
“Yes,” he replied. “Here I am.”
“Take your son, your only son—yes, Isaac, whom you love so much—. Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering. "
The next morning Abraham got up early and took two of his servants with him, along with his son, Isaac. Abraham told the servants. “The boy and I will travel a little farther. We will worship there, and then we will come right back.”
Isaac turned to Abraham and said, “Father?”
“Yes, my son?” Abraham replied.
the boy said, “ where is the sheep for the burnt offering?”
“God will provide a sheep for the burnt offering, my son,” Abraham answered, and they both walked on together. Past the crowds that are always there in a city. Finding themselves suddenly moving in a direction nobody else was going. While the station announcer kept instructing people to go back. Alone on the platform with only a young man ahead of them. A young man in a blue shirt and black pant. A bag on his back and a gun in his hand.
When Abraham recovered he opened his eyes. To a fallen Issac next to him. Silent.
The angel of the Lord called to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!”
“Yes,” Abraham replied. “Here I am!” The angel said. “Now I know that you truly fear God. You have not withheld from me even your son, your only son.”


Bhavik said...


Hrishi said...

I have been following your blog for some time now, and just love the way you write, as well, as your choice of topics.

This one has been specially moving...

Darryl said...

Moving..wish some way we could post it to the persons who caused all this mayhem....

Neil said...


Anonymous said...

not in good taste clem

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Smiling Dolphin said...

Beautiful Clem, really beautiful, A part of me still feels though that the young man in a blue shirt and black pant is the real Isaac, it's a different matter that he is alive.....don't know if you understand or agree, but he is as much a sacrificial lamb in this dirty game as all the people he killed.