If you have to ask you'll never know ! [L.Armstrong]... thats Louis not Lance.

Nov 19, 2008

Barack Obouza,Rebello House, Hill Rd., Bandra.

Arre baba how he's so dark. Lets put channa ka atta on him. He's looking like a khapri with this curly hair. Don't worry.When it's little longer we'll straighten it out. With what ? The Murphy iron. On cardboard. You think my hair was always straight ?
Thank god it's a boy. If he was a girl, the ad saying wheatish complexion in the matrimonials twenty years down the line would be science fiction. Don't take him in the sun. He wants to play outside ? Only after the sun goes down .
So little Barry went to school. In a nation that sees itself as brown, in a world that has only black or white. But he being browner than most was called black. It made him reach higher. To shut out teases and taunts. The curly hair was still curly. The channa ka atta was now used for bhajjias only.
For the Christmas play he was choosen to play the Gollywog. No need for makeup. Ha ! Thru school and college. With the girls who found him funny. And laughed at his jokes. But always said no when he asked them out.
Muhammad Ali won the world boxing championship. Maybe he'd be a boxer. No. To violent. He hated violence. And what future did boxing have in India anyway ? Maybe Music . Yes. A few of his friends called him Michael Jackson already. They thought it was praise. Barry hated it. Curly hair and a dark skin, do not a Michael Jackson make !
Maybe he'd be President of the country. One day.


Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

This is not about 'Curly' aka Brian - his real name, is it?

Now here is a man who was/is darker brown than most, his hair was curly and big and round to the point of him appearing top heavy.

Probably not the same man you are talking about as this one had more than his fair share of women in his hay day and fairly top heavy to to match his own top heavy (owing to the big hair) appearance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clement! Finally you have resurrected, I thought that normally happened during Easter. Anyways its better late than never even if it is close to Christmas. You wont believe it when I started reading your latest post I for second thought you were writing about apna Curly hahaha. We called him Kapri when we were small and we also tried clorox with him but he was a fast colour hahahahah. Keep up the good work and stop going into hibernation for so long. Luv La Noel

David said...

Dont stop writing now that you have started

Smiling Dolphin said...

I object to the 'Ouza'! And ashley's parents live in the said address!!! Good post, Khapri (since u ain't so fair yourself:-)

Anonymous said...

Clement, Ive never met you but your really great. Keep up the wonderful writing.

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