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Jun 21, 2008

The Via Dolorosa

On Pali hill tucked away between the high-rises is a lane that every body thinks goes nowhere. But it goes to Calvary. Or O’ Cavalario as it was known many moons ago. The approach in the old days was from the base of Pali Hill. And lining the pathway up to what was a private chapel were the fourteen Stations of the cross. So there amidst the trees and birds you could wind your way up the hill and meditate on the path Jesus took to Gethsemane. The really religious would crawl up the hill on their knees . On what was a mud path. Stopping at each station to read the meditation that went with it. Culminating in a mass said by Fr. Fonseca,[ whose family built the chapel] if they timed it right. There are garages and hutments between what used to be Veronica wiping the face of Jesus and Simon of Cyrenne helping to carry the cross. The chapel remains. It’s been deconsecrated so it remains a chapel only in name. The holy water fonts are still there. The insides been partitioned off to make a living room and bedrooms for more recent Fonseca progeny. But on a late Bandra night after the BEST buses have stopped plying their Dr.Ambedkar Road to Chuim route. And the kids on Pali hill have put their Hyabusas away for the day. You can almost hear the footfalls of the people from fifty years ago. Recreating a journey that happened more than two thusand years ago.


Pooja said...

Must have been amazing! Do you have any pictures? I heard of the chapel at Calvary only 2 years even though I live a stone;s throwaway. Managed to get the builders' watchman to let me walk down but the place was in a sorry state and couldnt see anything. Really, really fascinated by Calvary. Can you share anything more that you know? I hear it belonged to a family called the Fonsecas.

floyd said...

Hi, It was really surprising that something really showed up on my Google search for Calvary, Pali Hill. Never knew anyone outside the Fonseca clan, or any living soul, would still know abt this place. My grandmother was a Fonseca and often spoke abt the place, request if you could please let me know the exact location of this place, as I have always been wanting to visit it.
My email ID is almeida.floyd@gmail.com