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Dec 27, 2007

Please come home for Christmas.

Christmas is the time for peace on earth and goodwill to all men. The Christmas lunch is the time for strife and marital discord. Midnight mass has been uplifting. The choir outdid themselves. The sermon was short and therefore sweet. The full moon shining down just added to the magic of Christmas night. And we managed to put behind us for a little time the big fight. About wheter Christmas lunch was at Mummies house or Mummies house. It normally goes in rotation. This year the in'laws house, next year Mummies house. But then visiting children who have come down for the first Christmas in five years or grandparents who are not going to be around next year queer the pitch. And going over for dinner is just not the same thing. It's like a matinee show, backwards. Or a pit stop on the way to the Gym for the dance. Going over the next day for lunch is like watching BenHur on your Ipod. Though the chicken curry does taste better.
Many years later the balance of power subtly shifts. Mummy and Daddy and Mummy and Daddy all come over to your house. The requisite phone calls come in from Sydney, Missisauga and California. You wonder. Did we really sulk at each other for three days because of Christmas lunch ? Over a chicken pretending to be a turkey.
Now we're older and wiser. No we are'nt. Circumstances just make us seem that way. One day we'll learn that it's all about peace at home and goodwill to Mummy and Daddy [ -in-law ] too.


Anders from Andheri said...

Wishing you and all you bleddy bandra buggers a merry christmas and we hope theres lots of sorpotel to bring in the new year.

Dinesh Alexander D'Souza said...

Too true!!

David said...

Hey Clemde whatsup where have you wandered off? Have you by any chance wandered off with the three kings to Japan? Please do write some more about amchi mumbai and vandra awaiting a good read.

Karl said...

Clement have you still not come home from Christmas and New's year at Mom's/MIL's place ??????? You are messing my morning routine Clem.

Take care,

David said...

Hey Karl stop wasting your time out there in Canada and get down to your work instead of waiting for Clement to write. Guess you'll Canadians dont have any work to do out there. Clement is in Japan at the moment. Clement do come back soon as Karl Chaves is missing ya. Lol....Take Care....La Noel

Karl said...

Thanks David .... Clement listens to you eh!!!.

In Canada we can't get down to our work cause our work is outsourced to India. Clem I hope you did not go to Japan to get your Bandra Buggers writing outsourced.

BTW David, which David are you, there are so many Bandra buggers with the name David (are you Dinesh's uncle-in-law David)).

David said...

Hey Karl! You zoon it me D one and only Noella (Dinesh's niece) from Bandra and not Sandra from Vandra hahaha. And bloody dawwwg how dare you say that David is Dinesh's Uncle in law lol.

Karl said...

Lol hey one and only Noella, so I got it right eh!!! How are you doing?? And yes you are Dinesh's aunty not niece, so that makes David the uncle-in-law. I know you are ashamed to be related to Dinesh, like all of us are ....... but unfortunately we can't choose our relatives. If it makes you feel better you can say you are my 32nd cousins (since all the EI’s in Bandra are related).

Anyway Aunty Noella you take care give my regards to Uncle David.

David said...

Karl stop acting like a Benchote Bandra Bugger and calling me Aunty ok when you look like my uncle. And by the way do not speak about my cuz dinesh like that if you want to see tomorrow in Canada...ok bye now have a nice day because you may not see tomorrow. Ha ahaha bye...La Noel.

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